Long-term of experience of the restaurant chef and her team, combined with the gourmet travel experience of the founder is a union that allows us to serve traditional European dishes in a new, creative way, while maintaining their authenticity. We have selected everything best that the old continent can offer: from handmade ravioli, succulent matured beef steak to gourmet oysters, simmered veal or sea scallop tartar. Since 2010, the Esse restaurant is a member of the international gourmet guild (Chaine des Rotisseurs), which brings together gastronomy professionals and amateurs.


All our products are fresh and carefully selected. Seasonal vegetables and fruits find their way to the plates directly from our organic farm, located in Trakai district famous of its lakes – the closest region where you can establish this type of certified farms. Products are transported a short distance, so that the freshest harvest can reach us as soon as possible. The restaurant’s farm is awarded the worldwide biodynamic farming association label Demeter to certify not only the compliance of formal requirement but also a harmonious relationship between human and nature.


Our pride are the best regional wines from Italy and France, delivered to the restaurant shelves directly from local winemakers. We highly value quality and exclusivity, therefore, you will certainly best high quality wines which you have never yet tasted in Lithuania. Dishes savoured with wine further reveal their exclusivity, displaying new flavours, and exciting the imagination. Taste our recommended combinations and travel with your thoughts to huge vineyards, busy streets of little French towns and quiet Italian coasts.


Aesthetics is the principle which we follow not only in making our menus but also creating the environment. Easy breeze of elegance and classics in the interior will not distract you from the most important – the wonderful world of food and beverages.
Our team is best described with the words experience, reliability and commitment. For them, working in the restaurant is not a temporary place, but a favourite long-time job. We will make sure that your lunch or dinner is a fully enjoyable experience.

News and events


We will take care of your best celebration experience: we organize banquets, receptions, parties, and business dinners. The individual menu will be accompanied by the matching wines – during celebrations we offer excellent quality wines at a reasonable price. The restaurant consists of two halls, you can choose them both or only the second hall for more privacy. For standing receptions we can accept up to 70, and for seating celebrations – up to 50 guests. We also offer the take away banquet and buffet services. Please contact us: info@esse.lt, mob. +370 687 30 677.


  • Esse Restaurant
  • Gedimino pr. 50/2, LT-01110 Vilnius, Lithuania
  • info@esse.lt




Gedimino pr. 50/2,
LT-01110 Vilnius
Tel. 8 686 00488,
(8 5) 210 2511

Working hours

I – IV – 11:00-23:00
V – 11:00-24:00
VI – 12:00-24:00
VII – 12:00-20:00

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